About me

Just a quick introduction:

I am a Socialist Christian Doctor and Lawyer. Some comrades would say as a Christian I can not be a Marxist - well just because I do not agree with the total of Marxist Philosophy does not mean that I am not a Marxist. At some point I will write more on the relationship between Christianity and Socialism.

My position prevents me from writing other than anonymously at present, however, I have in the past played a significant and leading role on the far left of the local Labour Party and regionally in the struggle against the Poll Tax and the privatisation of Council Housing.

For 13 years we have endured the grotesque spectacle of the 'third way' carried through by the traditional party of the British working class. We have seen the representatives and servants of Globalised Capital enact low tax regimes to allow the Capitalist class to salt away Trillions of Dollars in uninvested savings, (£600bn in UK,) whilst the Government increases the deficit as a result of the same low tax policies.

Now, with the election of a hung parliament, and the opportunistic support of the Tories by the  Liberal Democrats, at the very point at which the latest push by Global Capital has run out of steam, we are facing a major turning point here in the UK.

These pages are offered for reporting, debate and organisation of the coming upsurge in activism which has already started on the streets of the UK, and which is promising to lead to a pre-revolutionary phase in society not just in the UK but across the globe.

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